Wind Music

Connecting Life, Nature, and Spirituality
Musical treasures from the East, infused with a modern and innovative flair.
Let the world hear our music.

Sharing music is the core value
The founder of Wind Music, Ken Yang, grew up surrounded by music. From an early age he played the recorder and soon realized that sharing music with the people around him could make the world a much better place. He saw that music had the power to profoundly touch people’s hearts. He observed that it could not only improve people’s daily lives but also help them discover deeper meanings as they progressed through life. It is this belief in the power of music that drives Wind Music.

Uniqueness from the East
The philosophies of the East offer an abundance of wisdom. Whether it is the Yi-Ching, the concepts of Ying and Yang, the Five Elements, or Laozi-Zhuangzi’s philosophy, Wind Music strives to capture the intrinsic insights and fundamental values of these timeless philosophies. By merging ancient Chinese culture with modern concepts, Wind Music has created a unique approach, providing exquisite music to nourish your mind and body, in a way that is relevant to your daily life in this century. This truly distinctive mix also strikes a chord with our Western audiences.

Preserving our precious cultures
Wind Music has published numerous collections of documentary recordings in order to preserve and protect cultural heritages facing extinction. We have traveled to the remote countryside and recorded the music and sounds of isolated minority cultures. We actively try to live up to our ideals and are very proud to play a part in preserving the history of Chinese music.

Playing a creative and active role in the music industry
Wind Music strives to make available and popularize a wider range of music to the general public. To this end we conduct music workshops, seminars, speeches, and concerts. We also regularly introduce specially selected music from around the world to the domestic market. We have even created a new style that is between western classical music and modern popular music.

Music for Taiwan and the World

A complete domestic network:
Wind Music has successfully built a complete domestic sales and marketing network that covers traditional retailing (music stores and bookstores), non-traditional approaches (such as setting up music listening systems in stores, attending exhibitions, internet marketing and marketing in specialized stores) and alternate channels (including Wind Music stores, chain stores, mail order and telephone marketing).

A vibrant international strategy:
Wind Music’s international strategy works in both directions. From countries around the world Wind Music carefully selects high quality recordings to add to our offerings, allowing our listeners to enjoy the artistic exquisiteness of different cultures. And now, Wind Music’s products are increasingly spreading worldwide, generating sales internationally. We are keenly focused on providing more choice and selection and ease of ordering to our rapidly growing customer base. By bringing international music to the domestic market and domestic music to the international market we hope we can help to broaden perspectives and improve communication and understanding between cultures.